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Photo by / Hallie Fry Photography

 “Don’t take shit too seriously, but have your shit together”

Hey there! I’m Keasha, and if you dont have your shit together dont worry I can help with that. I love telling YOUR story and making the day all about you. If your not afraid to add a little color to your wedding day, and love a good grilled cheese and glass of wine. Let’s be friends! 

meet keasha

Photo by / Hallie Fry Photography

There are not enough words to express how thankful we are for Keasha! My mom and I decided pretty last minute that we needed someone to help us coordinate the wedding and it was the BEST (I mean, BEST) decision we made! Keasha is thorough and organized! She listened to my vision and remembered the smallest of details on the day of. She made the day run so smoothly and allowed all of us to relax and enjoy the day. She was easy to contact and always answered emails/texts in a timely manner! Ask Keasha to coordinate your wedding, you will NOT regret it!

Wow, where do I begin? Let's start with the initial meetings where I felt 10000x less stressed with someone who knew all the things to get organized with, questions to ask, and details to confirm. Her overall demeanor makes you feel calm and at ease with all the wedding stress that has a way of creeping up on you towards the end. She was never more than quick text away to ensure she would be with me every step of the way. She gave me the most confidence that everything would be perfect. She told me about this "emergency kit" she would provide and I'm expecting a little makeup sized thing with a sewing kit, uh no. This was the mother of all bags complete with the most random things that I ended up NEEDING!

Keasha wasn’t just a day of wedding planner... she was my LIFE SAVER. And what’s funny is she doesn’t panic... doesn’t even let you know that things aren’t going quite right.. she just magically fixes them. I ordered a birthday cake for my little cousins big 13th bday to give to during my wedding celebration. Naturally it didn’t show up... so what does she do? Goes to the store ON BLACK FRIDAY and gets him one with candles and all. From the emergency kit to spraying in between my legs to ensure my legs weren’t sweaty as all get out - she was always where I needed her to be. She’s a must have!! Keasha - thank you for saving my day
-chelsey lynn

here is truly not high enough praise I can give for Keasha . My daughter and I had such peace throughout the wedding day knowing that Keasha was there and in charge . Her love for what she does shows in the passion she shows and the care that she takes to make sure that the wedding day runs flawlessly from start to finish. I told Keasha frequently throughout the day that I loved her...but it was true in that I knew that she had everything completely under control and I was free to enjoy the very special day. Having Keasha as a part of your wedding will be the smartest thing you do in planning for your big day!
-  nancy johnson