I'm Keasha, nice to meet you.

When I am not helping couples play out their love story I am living my own. My husband and I have been married for 5 amazing years! We have two adorable boys named Mac and Jet. Yes, I consider our dog part of the fam! If I am not hanging with “the boys” you can find me drinking wine with friends, redoing furniture, or working out! While my first love is exercise science and where I currently reside for my part-time job. Wedding planning is my true jam and it lets my creative juices flow! Enough about me lets chat already so I can here about YOU!

let's hang out!

Photo by / Hallie Fry Photography

a little quiz on me

1. My usual attire is:
a. A dress and wedges 
B. Jeans and hoodie 
C. Anything from LuLu Lemon

2. My drink of choice is:
a. Margarita 
b. Tom Collins 
c. Pinot Noir 
d. Boulevard Wheat 

3. In my spare time I enjoy:

4. I couldn’t go a week without eating:
a. Spaghetti 
b. Grilled cheese 
c. Tacos 
d. Cheeseburger

5. someday i want to:

6. My favorite movie is:
a. Dirty Dancing 
c. The Avengers 
d. Runaway Bride 

7. i'm singing along to:

8.Can you guess how many
were in my graduating class? 
a. 984
b. 21 
c. 68
d. 192

my fav things to answer to:

Photo by / Blair Jennifer Photography

Photo by / Hallie Fry Photography

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