I know it can be stressful to pull that trigger. I mean your whole life, you wanted to plan your wedding - and now? Real life gets in the way.At the end of the day, I'm only here to keep you sane, love your big day, and enjoy every little detail. You can still have your dream wedding, in your vision, in your own way - just bring me along as a friend to take off the stress of it all! So what do you say - you ready?

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"I cannot express how much of a massive help Keasha and her team were for my wedding. Her level of expertise and guidance helped keep us on track the whole time. Anything as small as suggestions for matching flower colors, photographer, videographer, invites, decorations, affirmation for designs (big and small), staying in budget and the list goes on, Keasha handled, helped and/or delegated, with a smile on her face."

- Ian H.